Monday, August 9, 2010

Our newest addition

No, I didn't have the baby. Trust me, you will all know when I've gone into labor. I've got less than two weeks until my due date and we are beginning to count the days.

Instead of meeting little Laz yesterday, we introduced a very fun "new" toy to Elijah. I've been on the lookout for an awesome cheap little play kitchen on craigslist since last year. Elijah loves to help me cook in the kitchen, but lately, it's gotten a little dangerous. With Lazarus coming and winter around the corner, it's definitely time for Elijah to have something that he can do in my kitchen while I am otherwise occupied.

Please meet our awesome (and cheap) red and white retro play kitchen!

It is truly one of the best things I have found on craigslist. Not only is it red (like everything else in my kitchen) but it's not a big ugly slab of plastic. It actually reminds me of my first kitchen I got for my third birthday. Elijah has already cooked hundreds of meals on the "HOT" stove since yesterday afternoon and this morning, we enjoyed fried broccoli, compliments of the little "naked chef" (sorry, no pictures).


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