Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not so perfect timing

Today, I feel as though a bomb went off in our house. For the last week, I've been keeping up on dishes, laundry and keeping the floors clean. I just wanted to be ready for little Lazarus. Well, today, all that hard work went straight to hell in a hand basket. Really, I should have known it would.

Over the last few months, our walls have slowly been changing color. It seems there is water damage that hasn't been properly taken care of. It's along the entire West side of our house affecting the office and two bedrooms. Today, our landlords came to check it out. They thought a quick paint job would do the trick. After beginning in Elijah's room, we realized that the paint was falling off the walls! The more they scraped, the more it fell. His entire wall is nothing but plaster now. The furniture has been pushed aside and there is dust EVERYWHERE. Our bedroom and office are both a wreck, too.

To top it off, tomorrow at 8:30am, we are having our ducts cleaned out. Apparently, our ducts are rusted and the rust is actually being blown into our house when the AC is on. I have been sweeping it up twice a day for a while now, not knowing what it was.

I am glad it's being taken care of, but I cannot help but worry that I might go into labor in the midst of all these projects. Our landlords say everything with the walls will be finished by Friday. Let's hope they are right!

I am 38 1/2 weeks pregnant, 11 days until my due date. I am tired and achy and pee way more than any person every should. Still, with it being the second child, I know now to enjoy these last moments while the baby is still inside. Once he's out, there is no turning back and I will have a whole new list of struggles to deal with.


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