Friday, August 6, 2010

Update on the tooth

Many have been asking about my tooth saga-so here goes. I spent the whole weekend in hiding while toothless. Finally, on Monday morning, I got in touch with the generous dentist who has a reputation of giving seminary students a discount. 5pm was the earliest they could see me. Once I was in the office, everyone was super nice to me (as they should be-I was a toothless pregnant waddling mess!). After showing the dentist my tooth, he commented on how strange it looked, somewhat big and not very well made. When I told him it was made in Africa, he asked where specifically and I told him Malawi.

It turned out that he has huge connections with African Bible College in Malawi. In fact, he was the dentist who donated equipment and set up a dental clinic at ABC 10 years ago. We started talking about people we both knew and he mentioned having dinner with the Spencers the day before. I told him we would be having dinner with them that week provided the tooth gets fixed.

It was really amazing to see how God answered this huge prayer to provide for my tooth situation. I had so much anxiety about insurance, cost and quality of care. Little did I know, God had a plan all along. The dentist was able to temporarily fix my tooth for very very little money. After Lazarus comes, we will go back in and have it done the right way.

If you're ever wondering whether or not God cares about your big toe, a bad day at work or a broken tooth, know that HE DOES! He very much cares about it and will use such annoying things to bring glory to Himself. My tooth is living proof.


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