Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clutter free potty training

In my opinion, the easiest way to potty train a kid is to use as little potty paraphernalia as possible. There are so many things parents feel like they need in order to successfully potty train their child. The options are endless. Between pull ups, potty seats, books and peeing baby dolls, your house could quickly become cluttered with all things potty. How do you know what to use and what to leave behind for the next over obsessed mommy?

We've been using a much older version of this potty seat which I got for a dollar last summer at a garage sale. It's been alright, but the cushion comes out too easily which makes Elijah feel unstable at times. Plus, I've gotten really annoyed with figuring out what to do with it when not in use. I finally broke down a bought a more functional seat that attaches to the toilet and it's been great.

Let's start with the dolls-what child needs a doll to teach them how to eat, put on their Crocs or to go down a slide? What in the world makes us think we need a doll to teach a kid how to pee in a toilet?? Aren't all the books and videos enough? Isn't it way more effective for your child to just watch you go to the bathroom?? The doll definitely adds to the clutter as well as the clean up. Not only are you wiping out the potty chair, but you've got to deal with the doll's doings, too!

I realize that all the potty stuff is supposed to make the transition easier. I've even heard people say that the potty chair helps the child to be more independent, but I have to disagree. All you need is a stool and the little guy can climb up, put his tush on the toilet and no one has to worry about wiping out a plastic tub (which is WAY more gross than wiping the cute little tush!). I can see how it makes it easier for the child to just go when they need to, but they are still dependent on you for all the wiping and clean up. All of these things add more steps to the process. You eventually have to ween them off of the pull ups and potty chair and into underwear and using a real toilet. It's like potty training all over again and who wants to do that???

All of this is to say-I love our new attached potty seat. It stays cleaner longer and doesn't have to go anywhere in between uses. My advice-keep it simple and it will be simple.

*This post is not meant to offend anyone who has used or is currently using the "stuff" for potty training. It's truly just my opinion on the matter. It's nothing personal. You also should know that I still love you, even with potty chairs and dolls in hand :)

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  1. you are soooo lucky you put that disclaimer at the end! glad your way worked for you, glad our way worked for us! ;)
    love you and i guess i'll still come to laz's birth! xo