Monday, July 19, 2010

So far...

It's been a long morning, but not too painful. Between 8am and 12:45pm, Elijah had 7 accidents, sat on the potty 12 times (5-10 minutes each time) and still hasn't actually gone inside the toilet. Still, he has helped to clean up each accident and is pretty much trained to go straight to the bathroom when he hears the timer go off.

So far, the most frustrating thing has been the timing of the accidents. Eli sat and sat for 15 minutes before his nap and nothing came out. 3 minutes later while standing in his room, he had an accident. Either he is holding it on purpose or I need to get better with my timing.

Elijah has been napping for an hour (sans diaper) and hasn't woken up in a wet bed, yet. This is encouraging! As well, the fact that he is happily going along with things has made the day a lot of fun. Really, I've enjoyed all the time we've spent together so far.

Side note: Apparently there is a book out there called "The Potty Boot Camp" by Suzanne Riffel. I had no idea about this book but by "looking inside" at, it seems as though we are already following this ladies strict regimen, minus the rewards. According to her, you can get 90% of the training done in 1-2 days. It takes a few weeks for the child to be completely potty trained and independent, but the hard part is done. We'll see if it works for us!

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  1. We did the no pants all day method. When they were naked, they seemed to be better aware. We also made sure that we took them with us every time we went so they could see us get our jelly bean. We did use the jelly belly reward (they are tiny) and both the boys were trained in 1-2 days. Good luck!