Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pre-church playtime

Sundays are always a little tricky for us. Elijah is up and ready to play by 6:30am. That gives us four hours to kill before church starts at 10:30am. Most Sundays, we make a big pancake breakfast, spend time playing with toys and reading books. It is a great time for us to just hang out and be silly together, with nothing else on the agenda.

This morning was especially silly. Dan and Elijah were drawing while I got some extra sleep. Apparently, Dan was drawing guys with beards and mustaches. He then remembered that we had a stick-on mustache left over from our Mustache Bash back in October. He put it on Elijah and that was that. Eli was obsessed. He would NOT even talk about taking it off for church. He brought it up constantly ("I have a mushtash, Elijah mushtash"), brushed his teeth with it on and then continued to play dress up. It was so hilarious.

Sometimes I get bored waiting for church to start, but today was really fun. I am trying to enjoy these last "quiet" moments with my two boys, before we become a house of 3 boys!

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  1. LOVE that last pic! your son looks like he's walking on stage for his part in a saturday night live sketch!