Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bravery = Outing with a "potty trained" 2 yr old

Yesterday, to celebrate our weeks' success, we all went out on the town. Home Depot was our first stop. This is one of Elijah's favorite places to go. We picked up a hose and a few other things for the home birth and then headed to Foam.

Foam is a local beer and coffee shop. The drinks are good, the furniture is fun and Elijah can play in the kids area. They rarely have anything good to eat, but the atmosphere makes up for that. Plus, as a pregnant lady with a toddler, my purse is always well stocked with food.

After our coffee, snacks and playtime, we headed over to the Salvation Army in the neighborhood. While looking at books, Elijah had a slight pee pee accident which I quickly cleaned up. I am SO glad it happened there (where I'm sure it's not the first time for that store) and not at the library or Starbucks! It was a disappointing day for thrifting and in the end, we only walked out with one free Sesame Street book.

On our way home from Foam, we stopped at a sidewalk sale outside an art studio and picked up an original Herman Miller Charles Eames shell armchair for $20!!! It is just like the one pictured bellow except it's yellow and stained around the arms. I'm not sure what to do with it, either to clean it or pay to have it recovered. Either way, I am so excited about this beauty!

We got home just in time to realize we were schedule to have a prenatal appointment with our midwives. It was a fun appointment because we talked a lot about the birth plan, went through our boxes and bags of supplies and talked about where to set up the pool. I can't believe my due date is in 4 weeks!

Last night, we ate leftovers and lounged on the couches. Elijah gave us some great entertainment, drumming to his favorite singer - uncle Nathan. We rocked out until bedtime. It was so wonderful just spending the day together, even though we did nothing special.


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