Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Super Recycle Boy!

A few years ago while living in Seattle, Dan and I went to our first mustache bash. It was a big fun party with lots of dancing and mustaches. We loved it. Anyway, in an attempt to have fun on Halloween, we decided to throw ourselves a much smaller mustache bash. We've only lived here a few months and are still working on making more friends and we thought it would be a good way to host people and get to know them better.
It turned out to be a very fun party. Even Elijah joined in on the fun. At the last minute, I dresses him up in his red pajama pants and a blue cloth diaper. He also wore his blue recycle-bot t-shirt. He was kind of a mini-captain planet. It was so cute! He stayed up so late and then slept through all the music and noise (his room is right off the dining room).

Here is our mustache family photo. Dan was a lumberjack and I was a cowgirl.

Our friend Justin was Borat. Doesn't Dan look SO creepy? I really don't know why he insists on making that face!

I was a little too busy hosting to take pictures, but here are our friends Joshua and Katie. They live about 3 blocks from us. Joshua and Dan have classes together. It's been really great having them around.

We even gave our carved pumpkins mustaches. Dan's was definitely the best!

We had a great Halloween night with lots of new friends. It was the first time we had stayed up till 3am in a LONG time! We loved getting to know our friends better, but it also made us miss Seattle so much!


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