Thursday, July 22, 2010

Boot Camp Potty Training-End of day 4

Elijah is my new hero. This child can do ANYTHING!!! Today, he only had two accidents and one of them might have been our fault. He used the toilet like a normal person, going every 2-3 hours. I really think he is holding it on purpose until he sits on the toilet. We barely used the timer and I was able to be productive in areas other than the bathroom. I really cannot believe the progress this kid has made. Just in case any of you care, here is a summary of our last four days:

Day 1: Eli sat 32 times on the toilet, went 0 times while sitting on the toilet and had 11 accidents.
Day 2: Eli sat 27 times on the toilet, went 5 times and had 7 accidents.
Day 3: Eli sat 24 times, went 6 times and had 4 accidents.
Day 4: Eli sat 11 times, went 6 times and had 2 accidents.

I have tried my best not to say anything that might embarrass Eli, but tonight, I have to share this hilarious story. We had friends over for dinner and while we were reclined at the table after the meal, Elijah was playing (rather loudly) in his room. Suddenly, he comes out to say "not a accident" which I understood to mean "I didn't have an accident mom, don't worry 'bout me". Seconds later, he comes back out with something in his hand saying "look, look, look, look, look" which is what he says when he wants to show us something really cool. Dan walked over to see it and then exclaimed "Beth, what is this?!?!?!?!". I jumped up, ran into Elijah's room and saw little piles of poop pellets (imagine deer poop) all over the floor. I screamed "IT'S POOP!!!" and we all started laughing. Elijah must have decided it was more fun to decorate his room with his poop instead of flushing it down a toilet. Who can blame him?

Elijah's other poop accident happened earlier that day while he and Dan were playing outside. I'm sure we could have caught it had we been closer to the toilet. Before today, the poop part of potty training has been the easiest for us. That and staying dry while sleeping. I really have no fears about going out with him. I know he can hold it.

My camera battery charger came in the mail today, so I actually have some pictures to share! I made a potty poster and put it on the door. Now, not only does Elijah get a gummy for going potty, but he gets to decorate his potty poster with a sticker! What's funny is that he cares more about the color of the sticker than anything else. You give him the four choices (yellow, blue, red or green), he says "ummmmmmm" and then pauses for 10 seconds before he tells you his preference. It's so cute!

We are so proud of our growing boy!!!


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