Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Dehnerts in America

We had so much fun tonight catching up with our good friends Kelly and Connie Dehnert. We served together with them for two years at ABC in Malawi. Their family has been home this summer both for the wedding of their oldest daughter and to take a class at Covenant here in St. Louis. They head back in August for one more year at ABC before going on furlough. It was such a treat to reconnect with them and hear about what God has been doing in Malawi since we've been gone. I'm so glad Kelly is taking online classes with Covenant because it means we will probably be seeing them again soon.

After a great dinner, we made a trip to Ted Drewes for dessert. Elijah enjoyed jumping off the trash can into dada's arms while I enjoyed my hot fudge frozen custard. Every time I go there, I ask myself "why don't I come here all the time???". It really is amazing stuff! It's almost as good as being out of the house with a partially potty trained boy who stayed dry the entire time.


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