Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boot Camp Potty Training-Day 2

I considered calling this post "IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!". Today has been completely different for so many reasons. It's 12:30pm and Eli is down for his nap. We began our day of boot camp potty training just before 7am. Eli woke up dry (!) from the night, he laid in our bed with a cup of milk like usual and then we headed to the potty. I knew he would pee inside the toilet since he had held it all night, and HE DID! The excitement on his face was incredible. He squealed with delight while Dan and I cheered with tears in our eyes. It was so wonderful to begin the day with success.

Thankfully, the success has continued. Elijah has stayed dry with only one accident and has gone in the toilet two times. One of those times he was standing up like a real big boy. That made him feel so cool and he continued to talk about it afterwards. "I stand on da stool and pee in da potty, like a dada!".

After browsing through the official Potty Training Boot Camp book last night, I decided to go ahead with some sort of reward. The book suggests to give a reward both when the child goes in the toilet but also if they are dry when the timer rings. Elijah has been able to enjoy numerous little "gummies" (Annie's Organic fruit snacks, ha!) throughout the day and we are all very happy.

I have just started a medium sized load of laundry (another success!) and am off to bed myself to rest up for the afternoon/evening.


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