Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend in Indy, part 2

Sunday was truly a day of rest. We went to the early service at Redeemer Pres. It was so good to sing familiar songs and see Nathan leading again. He and Sarah have been there for 3 years now. Redeemer is a unique church and I always enjoy visiting. After church, we played at the Partains' house. Elijah thinks that Amos' room is a playground because there is a slide. We spent a lot of time in Amos' room.

I enjoyed snuggling little Flanel, kissing her cheeks and pinching her chubby thighs. She is such a smiley little girl! She loves people and lights up when you talk to her.

All the cousins took a bath together. It was so cute seeing them all in the tub. I love that my sister's kids are close in age to mine. Having lots of cousins is so much fun!

The boys are so sweet to Flannery. They love kissing her and talking to her. Elijah was obsessed with her and would constantly ask for "Fannery" if she was taking a nap.

Elijah got pretty close at times but was always very gentle. He never got jealous of me holding her either. Hopefully, he will be just as relaxed when Lazarus arrives.

That night, we had a Skype date with my lil' sister Abby who is living in Vermont for the summer. It was so good to "see" her. It felt like she was just hanging out with us in the living room.

This morning, the boys woke up early to catch Denmark vs. the Netherlands in the world cup while the ladies slept in. We played and tried to wear Eli out so he would nap well in the car on the way home. Dan is always so helpful with these kinds of things.

We got home this afternoon and have a lot of work ahead of us. Dan works tomorrow and I have to get us ready for our 7am flight to Seattle on Wednesday morning. I'm so glad that our vacation isn't over yet. Dan and I have barely seen each other all year and I really look forward to every flight and minute in the car together. Our weekend in Indy was the perfect kick off to our long awaited vacation time!

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  1. awe! i am so glad you were able to do posts about our weekend! i love your pictures!! i loved having you here. makes me wish we livee in the same city again! love you!