Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend in Indy, part 1

Dan was so busy with his second semester at Covenant that he hasn't been able to meet his new niece until this weekend. Dan, Eli and I headed out Friday morning for a weekend adventure in Indianapolis. The weekend was all planned out with lots of activities. PBS Kids in the park was going on as well as IMAF (Independent Music and Art Festival).

We got to the Partains around 3pm and immediately left for a hotel downtown. Sarah and Nathan got an awesome package deal that included a hotel suite, evening activities, meet and greet with various characters and a big breakfast in the park on Saturday morning. We were able to tag along for a small fee. It was such an awesome vacation. Elijah has never been in a hotel before. He loved the big bed and the closet doors. He and Amos we so wound up, they just ran around for a while.

We enjoyed walking to dinner downtown.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for activities while we waited for the characters to arrive. Amos and Eli colored a box that would be used to send stuff to troops over seas.

Pretty soon, we were in line to see Clifford the Big Red Dog and the Super Why guy. Eli has seen Clifford and recognized him right away, but he kept calling the Super Why guy "man!". He was just excited to see life sized toys that moved. I'm pretty sure he didn't know that there were people inside the costumes.

After meeting the characters, we got to have a sing along time with Steve. Thanks to my babysitting job this year, I actually knew who Steve was. Eli was thrilled about the guitar but was mostly interested in the foam letters on the floor.

Eli got tired of the cheesy Steve songs pretty quickly. We decided to head down to the pool while all the kids were still upstairs. We practically had the pool to ourselves for 20 minutes. Eli did great at first but then got scared by the "big bath tub". He eventually decided it was best to just dip his feet in. He hadn't been in a pool since we lived in Malawi.

On Saturday morning, we were up early and on our way to breakfast in the park. Once in the park, we were really on Sesame Street!!

Breakfast was delicious and we had amazing seats for viewing the characters again. This time, we saw a dinosaur from Dinosaur Train, the dog from Word World and the Super Why guy again. Eli was thrilled to see his friends again.

We left the breakfast with full tummies and happy boys. On our way back to the car, we stopped by to pose by a fire truck. The fun never ends!

The boys went back to the hotel to swim some more. Apparently, Eli did better in the water the second time around. While the boys were splashing, Sarah and I hit up some garage sales in her neighborhood. I scored a pair of Seven jeans for men-only $1!!! I also got a pair of light blue and orange pumas for $5. I grabbed few baby clothes for Lazarus and an awesome black and white photo for our room, too. All in all, it was about $10!! Pretty successful! We ran back to the hotel to collect the boys for checkout, headed back to the Partains' house, and everyone passed out. It had already been such a busy day!

After resting, we jumped back in the car and headed off to IMAF just in time to see Damien Jurado play. It was hotter than blazes, but well worth it and that's a lot coming from a not so big Damien fan ;)

After the music, we moseyed around the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange. It was the coolest craft fair I have ever been to. There were so many unique and colorfully creative pieces. I got a few necklace charms made from SCRABBLE pieces which also had pictures of birds on the other side. We brought BBQ sandwiches home for dinner and spent the rest of the evening indoors. It was probably the most busy day I've had in a very long time.

*For additional photos of our weekend, see my sister's blog.


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