Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seattle-getting there

By 5:00am Wednesday morning, we were out the door on our way to the airport. Elijah was a little confused as to why I ripped him out of bed in the dark, but he quickly remembered it was airplane day. By 7am, we were sitting (each in our own seats!) on the plane ready for take off. Elijah was thrilled. We taught him to sit on his bottom while the seat belt light was on. I told him "the airplane driver has his rules and we have to obey them or we will get into trouble!". It seemed to work well as time went by and Elijah sat happily in his seat, coloring and reading books.

Any time he squirmed, we checked to see if the light was on. As long as it was off, he was free to play where he liked (except the isle). Dan and I were both exhausted by the middle of the flight. No amount of coffee seemed to boost Dan's energy and he kept falling asleep. It was hilarious. Thankfully, Eli played quietly in his own seat and was careful not to wake daddy even while sitting on his lap.

At one point, Eli stared out the window while Dan slept. The first flight was so relaxing that I felt like the flight itself could have been my vacation!

Elijah has been on more flights than I can remember. With each one, there are different challenges depending on the age. This time, I made sure to bring lots of things we could all do together as well as quiet activities. After Dan's nap, he and Eli got rowdy and played peek-a-boo with a scarf I brought.

That bought us a good 10 minutes. Elijah definitely liked his toys, but I quickly learned that I had packed too many. After we had our drinks, Eli played drums on the cups with a coffee mixing stick. Who knew there were so many free fun things right there on the plane!

We had so much fun together on the plane. It felt like one big family date. Between flights, Elijah ran around and got some wiggles out. Once on the next flight, Elijah fell asleep leaning on my arm during take off. He slept for more than an hour while Dan studied Hebrew and I read an entire Real Simple magazine. Talk about spoiled!

Traveling has never been so easy. We enjoyed ever minute of it. I remember booking the flight months ago and being frustrated by having to purchase a seat for Eli. Now, I am SOOOO glad we did! It was so pleasant having the extra space. We arrived in Seattle a little on the tired. Although we were ready for the day, I was NOT ready for the weather. So far, it's been 30-40 degrees colder here than it's been in St. Louis. Dan is in heaven, but I am not so pleased. IT"S JUNE PEOPLE!!!!!


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