Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seattle-Eli with the gals

As soon as we landed, I started making plans to meet up with friends. Although we have about 10 days here in Seattle, I wanted to start visiting people right away. So many of my friends have just had babies and Eli needed to get to know them all. My dear friend Lauren delivered a beautiful little girl named Charlotte, the day before Ivo was born. I had seen a few pictures and couldn't wait to get my hands on her hair! Her hair is so fuzzy! She is an amazing mix of both Chad and Lauren. Basically, she is the female Asian version of Chad. Truly a beautiful little girl.

Dan came in when he picked us up and also got a chance to meet the little girl. Again, it almost made me cry to see Dan with a newborn in his hands. I just can't wait until he's holding our little man!

Blythe and Penelope came by to play, too. The last time I saw Penny, she was still very much a newborn. It was such a blast to see her little personality coming out as she and Elijah played together. She is so beautiful and sweet, but also has a strong side to her. At one point, Elijah hugged her too hard and she fell back. It didn't phase her a bit.

Dan and Penny's dad David got to have coffee today. When he got back, we both talked about how nice it is to be with our friends again. I hate that we are so far away from the people who know us so well. We miss everyone a lot and are really thankful to be here right now.

To finish off the day, we met Dan's dad and his fiancee' Donna for Thai food. I really miss having so many options for Thai. Elijah had a blast with gampa and was a little too distracted to eat.

We've got a lot planned for the weekend, including trips to the beach, the Museum of Flight and the Space Needle!!


  1. so many babies! i want to hold one. too bad lazarus isn't here yet. :)

  2. Hi Beth!
    I just found your blog again a few weeks ago and just wanted to say "hi". How are you? We just had our second son, Hawken Gray Stewart (homebirth!!) and are doing well:) I know you are super busy in Seattle but I just wanted you to know I think of you often and love reading your thoughts on your blog. You are such an amazing woman! Love you!