Saturday, June 19, 2010

Seattle-Family outings

Yesterday, we had some free time in the morning to spend together as a family. We headed down to the Ballard Locks so Elijah could see the boats and salmon. He has a book about Seattle that mentions the locks at Lake Washington Ship canal, letting boats go through. It was so fun to show him the real thing!

We crossed the bridge to the other side of the canal. I had never been to see the fish ladder on the other side.

Before heading down to see the salmon, we stopped to play a quick game of peek-a-boo around the wave sculptures.

It was awesome to see the Salmon under water fighting their way against the current.

After the locks, we stopped to see the infamous troll that lives under the Aurora bridge in Fremont.**SIDE NOTE: I'm 31 weeks and the basketball is emerging. I definitely feel bigger this time than I was with Eli at 31 least I'm not fat in the face-yet! (the pic below is me with Eli in March, 2008)

Dan's mom is a pre-school teacher and just finished up the year last week. They were having a pic-nick in a park in Wallingford and we went to meet some of her students. It was good to spend some time at the playground. It's been a while since Eli spent time on a slide and in a swing.

That afternoon, the clouds lifted and the temps almost reached 75 degrees. It was sunny enough to venture down to the beach at Golden Gardens. Jessica, Ezra and Ivo met us there for an afternoon of throwing rocks. Elijah was happy to have an excuse to wear his new sunglasses.

Elijah made sure to clean the sea weed of each rock before throwing it back into the water. He is such a neat freak!

Ezra found a mound of wet sand to roll around it. Elijah joined him for a few minutes until he realized it was a little too messy. Again-neat freak!We had dinner with the Ribera's at Dan's mom's house. The boys played and bathed and stayed up way too late. It was fun to all be together again.


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