Monday, June 28, 2010

Oregon: Cannon Beach

Megan organized a mini road trip for out of town guests and family. On Thursday morning, we all drove an hour west to Cannon Beach/Seaside. Once on the coast, we picnicked at an amazing look out point. It was a beautiful day, though a bit chilly, and the view was amazing!

During lunch, Eli was the perfect little socialite, walking around greeting everyone by name. After a while, I think his introverted side came out and he suddenly needed time alone. He always come back after he has his quiet moment to himself.

After lunch, everyone decided to hike down to the beach for a closer look. Dan, Eli and I managed to get halfway but decided not to climb down the muddy slope to get to the water. The view from where we stood was just fine.

Eventually, we made it down to the little shopping town of Seaside where Elijah finally got to throw some rocks into the water. That's all he wanted to do since we put him in the car that morning.

I got a weeks worth of exercise walking along the windy beach with the boys.

I had two seperate ladies stop me with silly pregnancy comments, one of which I had never heard before. An older lady who was pregnant with her first came right up to me and asked "How are your ligaments doing??". It was strange, but after finding out she was 32 weeks pregnant and not feeling so great, I understood. Just goes to show you don't have to be in the South to get pregnancy comments. On that note, here are a few beach belly shots at 32 weeks.

It was great to get some time in with Megan and Andy, as well as reconnect with old friends.


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