Monday, June 28, 2010

Oregon: Rehearsal Day

On Friday, we had the entire morning to play before heading to the church to decorate and rehearse. Thankfully, the awesome house we were staying in (for free!) had a trampoline. Elijah spent a long time jumping and running around. It was the perfect way to wear him out in time for an early nap.

After nap time, Eli and I met the wedding party at the church to help with last minute decorations. Instead of a cake, Andy and Megan had home made cupcakes. The ladies were in charge of decorating them. We also worked on flowers. It was fun being part of all the preparations even though I was more occupied with Eli than anything else.

The rehearsal went well and Eli managed to walk down the isle without getting too distracted.

Watching Andy and Megan practice for the big day nearly brought tears to my eyes. We were all counting down the minutes until the real ceremony.


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