Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

Easter is my favorite holiday. I look forward to it more than anything. It marks a very special and meaningful time in my life. I had every intention of describing that time here, but it feels overwhelming right now. Maybe next year :) All I will say is that 7 years ago, while I was still pursuing happiness while running from God, He spoke to me while I pretended to worship Him in church. To think now that I actually believed He was fake-wow. It freaked me out and took me some time to turn around, but His voice continued to lead me toward Him. Ever since then, my life has been different, and I am glad to say it will never be the same.

This year, we celebrated Christ's Lordship with lots of Seattle people at the Jensen's house. It was great to be with "family" on such a special day. We ate wonderful food, played music and became the subjects of William and Henry's "talk bubble" jokes. It was great.


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