Friday, March 19, 2010

Singing through labor

One of my favorite blogs about all things related to giving birth is Bellies and Babies. The writer, Nicole is a doula and childbirth educator as well as a Christian. I always appreciate the in depth articles she posts about c-sections and VBACs. A lot of her posts are just inspiring whether they be stories or pictures of birth related art. Her latest post is about singing during labor and the comfort it can bring while also keeping your breathing relaxed and deep. She included video of some amazing women actually singing (and beautifully, too!) through and between hard contractions. This particular woman blew me away with her focus and her voice! It almost brought me to tears knowing her 7 yr old daughter was there, and I think the woman was laboring in her room! So sweet!

At first, this sounded ridiculously impossible to me. During my labor with Eli, I remember groaning and moaning which seemed to help, but after seeing these women, I think I might try singing. I will have to plan out some songs before hand, definitely some hymns to remind myself that God is indeed on my side (even though it feels like just the opposite at times). Of course, I'll throw in something more upbeat like Michael Jackson. I've re-written the words to "Beat it" so I will have the perfect tune paired with some powerful encouraging words to get me through the hard ones.
To be sung to the tune of Michael Jackson's "Beat it"

People told you but you didn't want to hear
"The pain will be so hard, you'll want to disappear,
The contractions make you hot, you'll want to drink a beer"
But you can beat it, just beat it

You'll want to run, you'll have to do what you can
Work with your body, act like a macho man
Ask for prayer, be tough and do what you can
So beat it, just do what you can

Just beat it , Beat it
No one wants to be defeated
Doctors want to strap you in a bed tight
But you're at home, you'll show 'em who's right
Just beat it
Just beat it

Hour after hour you're forgetting your plan
Don't forget to lean on your hubby man
Those contractions will kill, but you do what you can
So beat it, just beat it

You're not alone, your birthing team is there
They will help you out if you are feeling scared
Focus on your body, it will meet you there
And soon you'll be holding lil' baby bear

So beat it, cause you want to be there!!

Just beat it , Beat it
No you won't be defeated
Who can be against you with God on your side
He will bring you through it, even the ring of fire
Just beat it
Just beat it

I have a lot of pregnant friends right now both in Seattle and St. Louis-feel free ladies to use my song. Let me know if it works for ya ;)


  1. Hilarious! I wish I could use it but I'm done having babies. :(

  2. beth, you are the best! thank you for brightening my afternoon! :)

    sayin a prayer for you and your little one on the way! miss & love you!

  3. What am I gonna do with you??? That's all I have to say about "Beat It." I almost peed my pants. Why didn't anyone worn me about that when they all so passionately told me that I had to see the singing post you did? Really, you are somethin' else, girl- that was a lot of verses! The song I couldn't get out my head after the last birth was this line from CSN: "sometimes it hurts so badly I must cry out loud."