Saturday, March 20, 2010

Robbins family fun night

Dan is finally on spring break, so we celebrated by going to the Magic House last Friday night (children's museum). It's usually very expensive, but it was their free night of the month. We braved the big crowds and had a blast. It was way better than any Tanner family fun night (Full House anyone?).

We walked in and Elijah immediately started asking for a balloon. There was a big glass balloon art piece hanging in the air and Eli was stressed out that they had all drifted to the ceiling, leaving children with tear stained faces and without a balloon. Thankfully, the distraction of the exhibits helped take his mind off of the great balloon tragedy of 2010.

After the balloons, we went into a play area designed for younger kids. Eli quickly found the wall of light switches and got to work. He flipped, twisted and pushed each switch and button with such seriousness......

.....until he discovered the wall of door bells and squealed with delight.

There was a big twisty slide that Eli went down twice. It was the biggest slide he's ever gone on and he loved it.

There was so much to do that Eli happily and willingly dropped whatever he was doing to move on to the next thing. He had no trouble playing and fitting in with the older kids. His favorite place was the Little Village with the grocery store, bank and pizza restaurant. He thought the mini restaurant was hilarious. He pretended to eat and drink everything the servers (older kids) put in front of him.

He helped this young lady do her grocery shopping.

He also helped these two girls do some cooking and then took phone calls for the entire house hold.

Eli definitely built up his immune system by tasting each piece of fake food available to him. After seeing him eat some pretty disturbing things in Malawi, this was the least of my worries.

After tunnels, mirrors and electricity globes, the boy was pooped. It was a great night jam packed with new experiences. Dan and I loved having a conversation while also taking joy in watching our little boy explore and learn new things about life.


  1. i love the picture of eli and the can see that poor little girl with her dad holding her leash in the background...hahaha.

  2. Haha, I love to balloon drama. Áine got her first lesson in balloons today--can't let it go outside. It went drifting up and totally stressed her out. Then she was torn between the sadness of never getting it back, the curiosity of watching it float away, and the excitement of it being up with the "airplanes." That looks like a fun place!