Monday, March 15, 2010

Birth Days Blog

My sister Sarah has started a new blog called Birth Days. It is a place for past/current clients of my mom's to submit their birth stories. These women have had the privilege of knowing my mom on a level I got to personally experience almost two years ago when she delivered Elijah.

My mom has had hundreds of clients over the years and I have heard story after story. However, it will be fun to read the stories from the women's point of view. So far, my sister Sarah and I are the only ones who have posted, but I'm sure with time, this blog will become an amazing testimony to the gifts the Lord has given my mother as a midwife and doula.

If you live in the Nashville area, are pregnant and need a midwife or doula, you'd better get on the phone if you haven't already. Susie Meeks gets booked pretty fast and in due time after reading these women's stories, you will see why.


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