Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goodbye mama-hello Abby!

On my mom's last day in St. Louis (and Abby's first), we took a self directed tour through the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. Construction began in 1907 and wasn't fully completed until 1988. Pope John Paul II designated the Cathedral as a Basilica in 1997. The entire ceiling is done in tiny mosaic with different vibrant colors. The pictures are amazing and look flawless although I'm sure there are many flaws you just can't see from far away.

This is the church Eli and I visited a few weeks ago. He learned about angels and loves pointing them out throughout the church. Visiting that church made me wish I was catholic. I personally cannot stand all the new mega church buildings popping up. The interiors are peach with elevators lining the walls. Hardly anyone builds a church with an organ these days...except for Covenant in Issaquah. One particularly new church building in Seattle just looks like a public library with sheets of metal sticking off the side-not quite what I imagine when I think about what God's house looks like. God is so creative and we know He is beautiful because of His creation. This church is a beautiful tangible picture of God's glory and I could easily spend hours in there reflecting on that.

After our tour, we said our goodbyes and mom headed back to Nashville.

Abby got to stay another two days and we enjoyed having our girl time together. She performed all her auntly duties, giving Eli baths, played in the sand box and gave Eli lots of love over all.

We took Eli to the zoo on the first warm day of march, nearly 60 degrees!!! It was packed, but we still had a great time.

Eli always tries to get close to the fake dog in the insect house, but he can never manage to climb over the gate.

Abby got to come to church with us before heading out of town. It was cool for her to see our church as it is the daughter church of New City Fellowship in Chattanooga where Abby is a member. After church, we had lunch and said our goodbyes to Abby as she left to see my other sister in Indianapolis.
Oh yeah, and there is my baby bump at 16 weeks...a little bigger than I was with Eli at 16 weeks, but that's all normal, right??


  1. You look great!!! As always, I love your blog because I get to see you and your cute family, and St Louis!! Spring in St Louis is amazing and I am so excited for you to experience it. But I will be praying you won't get the allergies I developed while being there.

  2. You look great!! Love your baby bump and can't wait to watch it grow!! Looks like such a fun time with your sissy. Aren't sisters the best?