Friday, March 12, 2010

Eli and the ladies

Eli's best friends are girls. Eden and Cana live just 4 doors down from our new apartment and we spend a lot of time with them. Last Monday, Eden turned 3 and we had a great time celebrating with her. Eli was the only boy at the party, but he didn't mind.

Jenn (Eden's mom and my dear friend) made cupcakes with the everyone and the kids added the sprinkles. Eden and her friend Gabby snacked on the cupcakes while they cooled.

Eli was very careful with his sprinkles, making sure that none of them fell on the ground. He took two bites of his cupcake and then walked around the deck picking up sprinkles and putting them on a plate.

Little Cana is just the opposite. She didn't care about the mess as she devoured her cupcake, and I'm sure a little bit of paper with it.

Eden blew out her candle after lots of coaching from her mama and her friend Gabby. Eli looks so nervous in this picture, ha!

I am so blessed not only have a wonderful friend here in St. Louis, but that God has provided friends for my little boy.


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