Friday, February 5, 2010

A dawg is a boys best friend

When we returned to the States last summer, my mom got this random little stuffed dog at Khols for Elijah. It stayed in his room, mostly unnoticed until about two months ago. Eli's knowledge of dogs has grown over the weeks. He loves to point them out, pet them and talk about them at random times of the day. Naturally, the little dog my mom bought him quickly became a very important little dog. Elijah asks for him at bed time if the dog is not already in his crib- "Beeees Dawg bed!". He wants to take him with us everywhere we go. Each morning, he comes walking out of his room dragging his "dawg" by the ear. We cook with Mr. Dawg, we sing to him and feed him throughout the day. Dada cannot leave for school without giving all of us a kiss, including Mr. Dawg.

So far, Elijah does not strike me as the sentimental type. He rarely cuddles with anyone and is overall an independent child. I wondered if he would ever get attached to a blanket or a toy, but I guess he has. Mr. Dawg is Eli's best friend!

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  1. I cannot believe how big Eli has gotten. We are so excited about Megan and Andy's wedding and getting to see y'all too. We still have the family picture with Eli that you took last year on our fridge. See you soon.