Friday, January 22, 2010

Seattle visit

Dan and I had planned to visit Seattle this week, but ended up going last week for a funeral. Dan's grandpa passed away about two weeks ago. We were thankful to have already had tickets and that work and school schedules were flexible enough for us to go. It was definitely a sad time for all of Dan's family, but it was really good to be there through it all. Eli hadn't met Dan's aunt Tammy yet, and hadn't seen his uncle Jeff and Will since he was born. Of course Eli loved being the center of attention at each dinner and gathering. It was really sweet to see him bring joy to a lot of people who were hurting.

Eli loved having someone to climb the stairs with. He quickly warmed up to Dan's family and was tackling grandma Candace within minutes.

Spending time with uncles Jeff and Will was very fun for Eli. He learned how to say "Sup DUDE" and still continues to say that to me...haha.

Here is Eli with his great Aunt Tammy.

And of course, we spent lots of time with our best friends the Riberas. We stayed with them almost the entire time. Each morning, Eli would wake up asking for "Eshra" and the boys would play and play and play. I think they were sick of each other by the end of our time, but they did well for the most part.

Although we traveled under sad circumstances, it was still a great visit. We were thankful for the time away and the chance to catch up with dear friends an family.


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