Monday, January 11, 2010

My kitchen is a playground

The snow is still here and it's been freezing cold!! I am not complaining though. I love it! It has been a little difficult coming up with new fun things to do. So, we've turned the kitchen into a playground. Eli has completely taken over my cabinet which used to house all of our pots and pans. He comes running into the kitchen, throws open the cupboard door and yells "Halp!" so I can move all of the "junk" out of his little play house. Then he continues to play peek-a-boo while I cook. It brings him so much joy.

Another thing we like to do is play with flour. Now, I am usually not one to play with food or allow Eli to play with food, but every once in a while, a cup of flour is alright with me. Sure it makes a mess, but it's so much fun!

Sometimes we just sit on the red stool and chat. Eli is the best little friend to keep you company while washing dishes. He helps make the chore feel like fun.

And every night when I walk through the house cleaning up from the day, I get to the kitchen and see this:
Part of me feels frazzled by the sight but part of me loves it. I have stopped cleaning the kitchen, because I know that in less than 10 hours, Eli will be oh so busy bringing all of his toys back into the kitchen ready to play for the day.


  1. emily ketchum just told us ya'lls exciting! congratulations!