Friday, January 8, 2010

Do do do do do

Elijah gives us so much joy. Lately, he has been really into music and dancing more than before. He loves to listen to records and to dance on the couch in the living room. Here is an adorable video of him dancing to Crosby Stills Nash and Young (he calls this song "Do do do do do do do").

Every evening after Eli has gone to bed, Dan and I replay his funniest moments of the day. We love filling each other in on what the other might have missed out on. We aren't obsessed with him, and we know he is definitely NOT the center of the universe, but we just really like this little person so much!

Eli will be 20 months at the end of January. He knows more than 50 words and uses them on a daily basis. He loves learning new words, especially challenging ones like "pajamas" and "giraffe". He will practice them until he feels he can say them correctly. His favorite thing to do is read and often walks backwards to us with a book in his hand ready to sit on our lap and hear a story.

He loves to crack himself up and thinks he is the funniest person around. When he gets excited, he squeezes his arms into his sides and squints his eyes.

He is mild tempered, easy going and hilarious. I can't believe he is going on two years old!!!


  1. I love his little laugh, like he totally knows he is silly :)

  2. Liam says, "Watch E-why again!!!"

  3. That laugh in the middle of his dance throws me straight back to Malawi hearing Dan and Andy laughing on the back porch. Like father like son! Oh how I miss you guys!!!

  4. How cute! Peter has those same frog boots. He and I both like them because he can put them on and take them off by himself. :)