Friday, December 11, 2009

One down, seven more to go

I have the time to post tonight because Dan is out with a fellow seminary freshman, celebrating the end of their first semester. The strange thing is, I am glad he is out enjoying himself while I stay at home with Eli. This is a huge testament to the Lord's faithfulness to us over the last few months. Just the other night in the midst of finals, Dan asked me if I was lonely. I told him that I was, but that it was okay.
My biggest fear about coming to St. Louis for seminary was that I would never see Dan and we would be back to the beginning of our marriage, which was bad. It's true that Dan has been busy with classes and numerous jobs. But somehow, we have managed to spend time together as a family. We've begun to find the balance. Between papers, late nights and Greek flash cards, we've had home made dinners, weekend vacations, and family walks in the park. God has been so good to us, so gracious toward us. He has blessed us during this transition and has calmed my heart about the future. We have gotten through the first semester of eight. I know that this might be the easiest of them all, but I am thankful even if this was only the quiet before the storm.
Today, we celebrated Dan by sleeping in, going out for a delicious breakfast and taking a very long walk through Benton Park. It was a cold but beautiful day. Dan and Eli had fun throwing sticks at the frozen pond. We "hiked" and chased our giggling little boy. It was so wonderful.


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