Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My new favorite number

My new favorite number, the one we have been praising for the last 3 days is the number 64. Highway 64 runs East to West right through downtown St. Louis to Covenant Seminary. It is the most important highway for us city dwelling seminary families. Sadly, we haven't know the joys of driving down 64 until Monday because it has been closed for some time now. Finally, it is open and Dan's commute to school has been cut in half! Eli and I had lunch with Dan today, just because we could. I knew that it would only be a quick 10-15 minutes back home in time for a nap.

To demonstrate how bad it was and how wonderful it is now, please notice the map below. Route A (green) was the route Dan and many other seminary students would take to school. Route B (purple) is the new and improved way that he goes. A straight shot! You may be thinking "wow-this girl really gets excited over stupid stuff" and so maybe I do. But this highway has already changed our lives so much. Dan works and goes to school in the same area. His whole life (besides his adorable little family) is out there in the boonies. I'm just glad he can get there and home so much faster!


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