Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bowling in Togo?

We have three pastors at New City Fellowship and one of them is leaving us this spring to return to his country, Togo as a missionary church planter. Since coming on staff at NCF (as the nursery coordinator) I have really enjoyed getting to know Macklann and his family. Since they are leaving so soon, and have never been bowling, we decided to have our staff Christmas party at the bowling alley. It was hillarious. Macklann and his wife were not the only ones that had never bowled. Perpetue, a fellow west African, had never bowled either but she was so good at it! She even beat me!!! It was a lot of fun to watch as our friends learned the game and got mostly gutter ball after gutter ball.

Macklann looks like he actually knocked some pins down in this picture.

Perpetue naturally put a spin on ever throw.

Eli got upset every time it was my turn to bowl. He wanted to play with all the bowling balls and couldn't understand why we were just throwing them away.

He finally got over it and had a good time with Alia and the other kids. I didn't love that he was rolling all over the bowling alley floor, but at least he was happy.

After bowling a few games, we gathered together for food and Christmas carols. Eli had a blast dancing and running around the house. It was really fun and definitely a night to remember.


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