Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas time is here

We finally got our Christmas tree. It is beautiful and smells so delicious. Last year, we got our Christmas tree from the only nursery in Lilongwe. ABC made a huge order, and then you would go to grandma Chinchen's house to pick your tree out of a pile of trees. We loved our tree last year, but now realize how frumpy it really was.

This year, we had a fun time picking out our little tree together as a family at an actual tree lot. Ted Drewes is a very famous frozen custard place here in St. Louis. We live about 5 minutes from the place which was convenient for us since they set up a Christmas tree lot. Despite it being a freezing night, we took a little bit of time going back and forth between two trees. The one in the picture below is not the tree we ended up with. Eli had a blast helping papa, too.

The best art about getting our tree at Ted Drewes, is that kids get a free ice cream, too! Yes, it was late and very very cold, but I will NEVER turn down free ice cream. While Eli and I ate our free ice cream, papa tied the tree to the top of our Civic.

After spending 10 minutes securing the tree to our car, it was time to get in and go home. At that moment, we realized that we couldn't get in because Dan had tied the tree through the windows instead of through the open doors. The doors were tied shut and he had to start all over again. It was very Chevy Chase of him and Dan can't stand Chevy Chase. I couldn't stop laughing.

We finally got home. Eli played in papa's coat, took a nice long bath and then we came out ready to decorate our little tree.
We were smart to have brought back our ornaments from Malawi. It was fun unpacking them and putting them on the tree. Now, each time I look at our tree, I am reminded of the last two Christmases spent with our dear friends there in the very warm weather.

Here we are with our beautiful little tree. Sadly, we didn't bring back enough ornaments to cover the tree, but we hope that a certain little boy will help us by making home made ornaments in the future years.


  1. HAHAHAHAAAA!!!! Dan IS Chevy Chase! That is Oh, hilarious!
    And awe--your tree is so cute! We have ours up, but it only has lights, so we need to get our ornaments on. So glad you all are close again for Christmas! Love you all!

  2. dan...........all i can say is, i'm reeeeeeealy glad susie didn't have a blog when I was in your 'stage of life' raising kids..............maybe i would be a much humbler man than i am?......dunno........i feel your pain.