Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving in the hills

We drove 5 hours south to my parents house in the hills for Thanksgiving. Again, it was a wonderful time together, filled with football and food.

Amos taught Eli how to play his new guitar.

One day was so warm, Eli played outside with aunt Abby in a t-shirt and no shoes on. It was great!

We spent Sunday at the park in Franklin. The boys had fun playing Pooh Sticks, an old game Abby and I would play at the creek in front of our house.

Grrr dada taught Eli how to roll down a hill.

Dan had some fun of his own

We decided to call it a day when the bys started falling asleep in the swings.

Most of our visit was spent at my parents house, relaxing and eating. It was so great to be with family again after being away for the last two Thanksgivings.

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  1. I so want to give that little guy a hug!! He's precious. Can't wait until June. :)