Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Over the river and through Metropolis...

We left for Nashville last Tuesday. After realizing we had work off and nothing else to do that day, we quickly packed the car and got on the road just in time for Eli's nap. The first leg of the trip went well. Eli slept while Dan and I discussed the questions at the end of each chapter in Shepherding a Child's Heart. Once Eli woke up, things changed. He got fussy and so we decided to take a break and stop in Metropolis. I hadn't been there in years and really wanted Dan to see the GIGANTIC superman statue.

As we aproached the little town, I kept looking for a big superman head towering over the two story buildings. I looked and looked and after seeing nothing, thought maybe they had taken it down. We finally came around a bend, and there it was....the smallest little statue I had every seen. It couldn't have been more than 15 feet tall. Not at ALL what I remembered from my childhood. Still, it was fun to get out and explore a little bit. Eli ran around and got his wiggles out while Dan and I entertained ourselves by taking pictures of Eli.

Eli had fun, but I think his favorite part was pushing the buttons on the vending machines.

As we drove away from Metropolis back toward the interstate, we passed by an enormous grocery clerk statue and wondered why he wasn't the town's biggest attraction!

Even though superman was small, it was still a fun little stop halfway through our trip to Tennessee. I guess what I am trying to say is, I wouldn't be sad if we did it again some time.

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  1. I just nearly woke Ez laughing so hard at Eli's little head on that superman cut-out! Oh, hilarious.