Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On the road again-Leiper's Fork

Last week was midterms for Semiary students at Covenant which meant no time with Dan. Since Vicki was looking forward to the same lonely week, we decided to take the kids on a road trip to my parents house. We drove down last Wednesday and got to spend the rest of the week in the country.

Dad had to take the trash to the dump (that's where you take your trash and recycling when you live in the sticks) so I left Eli with my mom and we all went with him in the truck. We took the back roads to Leiper's Fork.

On the way, we passed by some pretty famous properties.

We call this one "Achy Breaky Acres" because it once was Garth Brooks recording studio. Maybe he will come back here to record now that he has come out of retirement.

This is the property that was most recently bought by Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. I think they are building a house up on the ridge.

This was the Judd estate and studio for a long time. I don't think they live here anymore, though. (Sorry about the sign in the way...they were drive by shots)

At the dump, the kids helped my dad with the recycling. I enjoyed watching them have so much fun with it because helping my dad with the trash is a fond memory for me. Very strange, I know, but the organizer in me, even as a kid, just loved separating glass from paper and putting them in their right places.

Even Vicki got in on the fun.

While at the dump, I looked across the field to my Elementary School. It brought back so many memories. Being out there reminded me how much of a country girl I really was back then.

While in Leiper's Fork, we stopped at the Country Boy for some milk shakes.

The Country Boy is the best place for burgers and milk shakes. It used to the be only restaurant in Leiper's Fork. It's very small and usually filled with cowboys and good ole boys. The service is fast and filled with lots of "sweetie pies" and "y'all come backs". I guess I should say it USED to be this way. The Country Boy was recently bought by some fru fru fancy pants who turned it into a glorified Starbucks. The waitresses are forgetful, thin and wear makeup with designer glasses. None of this bothered me too much until our waitress told me in no particular southern accent "I've been here 1 month and we've never had milk shakes." Devestation came over my body. How could they do away with the milk shakes???? Biggest mistake that fancy pants new owner ever made. Instead, I had to drink a crappy cup of hot chocolate that took WAY too long to come to our table. Besides the disappointment, it was still fun being their with the Jensens.

We hung around Leiper's Fork long enough to take pictures in the Beverly Hillbillies truck and run into a few people we knew.

We took the Natchez Trace home. It was a beautiful drive complete with wild turkeys crossing.

We went over the big bridge. I love the view and especially enjoyed seeing a little bit of color on the trees.

Alright, I will have to describe the rest of the trip in another post. For now, off to the library!


  1. I heard they made some changes to "Country Boy" but it sounds like it may have been best for them to not mess with a good thing. Oh, and I loved the pictures. Makes me ready for a trip home!

  2. Great photos! I would love to visit Tennessee some time! Strange to see so many (deciduous) trees with green leaves still on them. Ours are almost done here.

  3. ok.....maybe we should suggest that they change the name to "city girl cafe in the country" yuk yuk.......

  4. Wow. I guess I should be glad that I got to enjoy the Country Boy in all it's former glory

  5. things just aren't the same in Green Hills-boro. All the froo froos need a place to get away to. Oh well, remember the days when we wished Hillsboro was a little less country? Careful what you wish for.