Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Obsession # 56

I really have no idea how many silly obsessions Eli has, but it's got to be somewhere close to 56. For the past few weeks, Elijah has been struggling to eat (yes, hard to believe, I know). He can't seem to stop playing with the little seat belt attached to his high chair. At first, it would frustrate him but now, he knows how to snap it together and will ask you to help him unsnap it every 30 seconds.

Each time we get in the car, we have to spend a few minutes snapping his seat belt together. Same goes for when we are at the store and he is sitting in the shopping cart. I love this little guy and the silly things he chooses to become obsessed with.

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  1. Hey Bethany! I just found a comment from you on my blog from when you were in Seattle. Did I totally space about it or something?! Oh no! This is highly possible since I think you wrote it when I was loosing my mind with busyness. Anyway, now I am double bummed that I missed out on getting to meet you!!!

    Elijah is adorable!