Friday, October 30, 2009


"Be Careful Eli!" Those are words I rarely have to say. The older Elijah gets, the more I realize that he is not a risk taker. For example, he just learned how to climb up on our very low couch the other day. His best Friend Ezra has been doing that for months! Like walking, he waits until he is fully confident before he takes the plunge. He isn't motivated to do something unless he is pretty sure he can do it. Now that he knows he can safely get onto the couch, he is beginning to climb other things, but still reluctantly.
Elijah's newest skill has finally come. I have been waiting for the day when my son kisses me and now it is here! Most kids I have nannied for go through the open mouthed kiss stage. Eli didn't do that. He waited (a little too long!) until he was sure he new how to pucker his lips and make the correct sound for the perfect kiss. Either way, I am glad the day is here and my son wants to kiss me all the time. I feel so appreciated, so loved, so valued.

I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but I can't help but think that eight years from now (maybe sooner!), my baby boy will be embarrassed by kissing his mother. It is inevitable. All children hit that stage and most stay there for quite some time. I need to be in prayer over my relationship with my son. Whether he likes me or not, I am his mother. But even after all I have done and will do for him in his life, I do not own him. He is not mine to keep. I cannot protect him and keep him innocent forever. Ultimately, I have no control. That is why I am glad I know the one who is in control. It gives me all the freedom in the world to enjoy Elijah while he likes me and to have grace and patience for those times when he doesn't.


  1. Ha! Sounds like Micah. He was such a perfectionist and has a choleric personality to boot. He would wait until he could do things well to try them, and he always wants control of the situation. You won't see him standing too close to the edge. We used to hear him practicing words on the monitor at bedtime and then he would come out and "surprise" us with a new word. Love hearing about you guys. Glad things are going well in St. Louis. I have to say though, I disagree on my favorite seasons. Fall comes and Micah and I can't stay well, and I hate to be cold. I am definitely a spring and summer girl and wouldn't mind living somewhere warm year around. I do love a cup of coffee on the couch with a good blanket in the winter though. But, who has time to laze about with little ones?! Hope you are well.

  2. I'm happy to report that A and C both still kiss me. I know that the days are numbered with A, though. :) Can you believe he is 6 years old?

  3. even if he does stop showing affection at 8, my experience was that around 21 i realized that i didn't care about being cool if loving my momma was uncool. so get someone else to kiss you for those 15 years or so, or just have more kids to keep that cycle going. love ya.