Friday, October 30, 2009

The first of many

I love everything that happens between October 1st and January 1st. The colors, the holidays, the cold weather-it's all my favorite. The last two years were so hard particularly because we missed out on the best time of year: fall and winter! We have lived in the heat of summer for over two years and are so glad to finally be experiencing all the glories of colder weather.
This winter, I want to be more crafty. I have all sorts of ideas for projects. Last night, I completed my first of these projects: a Monogram Wreath. I found the idea at my favorite design blog called design sponge. They have tons of ideas for DIY projects which will keep me busy this winter.
Last night, I headed over to my friend Jen's house. We had dinner and then set up for our project. I do recommend using gardening gloves as the dried vine can be very prickly. Also, this is a fun project for moms because the kids love to play with the berries. We did this project in 2 hours with three kids under the age of 3 running around. So no excuses moms...this can be done among other fun things!

This is how my wreath turned out. It's not as full as the example we followed, but that's because we used berries. Much cheaper! The picture doesn't do it justice. The berries are bright red and look great and festive.
I bought all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby. If you already have wire clippers, this project shouldn't cost more than $12, especially if you buy your supplies from Hobby Lobby. Just wait for their sales on the weekends! Happy Holiday crafting!


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