Monday, October 5, 2009

Abby-this one is for you!

No it's not her birthday. There is no special reason for this post-I just love my little sister this much. We shared a room growing up and I think that is why we are so close. I have trouble falling asleep. Abigail could fall asleep in a subway station at 2pm if she wanted to. At night, I would wake her up so she would talk to me because I was lonely and couldn't sleep. Usually our conversations made no sense, but I didn't mind. When I finally got my own room at 16 years of age, I often found myself wandering into her room at night because I missed her too much. She's the type of person you could talk to forever and not get bored. I love it when she calls just to say hello and we wind up spending 20 minutes on the phone. She is silly. She is funny. She is soft hearted. She is sensitive (sometimes too much...oh Abby, don't cry over that ok?) She is very strange and makes the most random jokes. I love my little sister and will always always think of her as "the littlest".

I wrote this poem for Abigail when I was missing her in Malawi.

hello my sissy dear
it has been made so clear
you, i cannot live without
i'm in a sissy drought
my thoughts, they are of you
and what your day has brewed
be it Friends or work or school
i pray it wasn't cruel
my love for you is true
i've just been missing you
to you my love, i pledge
you are my lemon wedge

Abigail, I love you. There, are you happy now? hehe

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  1. mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hahahahaha...i teared up right when you told me not to! haha.
    larva u