Monday, September 21, 2009

Brusha Brusha Brusha

Eli started brushing his teeth with real tooth paste this weekend. He has been practicing for this moment since he was 5 months old. My toothbrush was his first teething toy. Since then, he has always been fascinated with them and loves to watch Dan and I brush our own teeth. Last week, I decided to let him do it for real. I got his his own little baby tooth paste and a pack of 4 Snoopy toothbrushes. They were the cheapest and least obnoxious and actually a great deal for anyone looking into dental hygiene for their baby boy.

Brushing our teeth has become a morning and evening game. Eli stands on the stool and brushes his teeth complete with gargle and spitting noises. He wants to have the water on for rinsing even. He loves it so much, he could do it all day if I let him. He gets so obsessed over things, and this is his new obsession. It's always a scream fest when I end the brushing session, even if I have given his half an hour alone with his beloved toothbrush.


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