Friday, August 28, 2009

Best find ever to be found

Today, Dan and I picked up the two best finds I have ever ever found while thrifting. It is a mid century modern dresser set for $30!!!!! I put the smaller of the two in Eli's room and the bigger one in our room just opposite of the foot of our bed. I absolutely love these pieces and still can't believe how cheap they were.
Eli's new little dresser

My new dresser

View to the office

Besides bringing the dressers home, I also bought a desk on craigslist. It was $85 which is a little steep for us, but the guy delivered it to our house!!! Plus, it had the two things Dan was looking for: space and style. Well, maybe I was the only one worried about style. The desk came at just the right time because Dan started school on Thursday which means I've been battling the papers that keep piling up on every surface of our house. I guess you could say I got very motivated to find Dan a desk.
Dan's new desk
*note the tiniest computer sitting on such a huge desk. this made me giggle so hard.

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  1. i've been so out of the loop!! beth you're finds are fantastic!!! i am in awe! :)

    and your little boy & his personality are more endearing by the day.

    miss you & adore you,