Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pray for Bananas!

Read here about how Africa has been affected by banana diseases. The article isn't very clear about where this is happening besides Uganda and Tanzania, but it sounds pretty serious. Everyone eats bananas. I probably ate at least one a day while living in Malawi. They are much sweeter than the perfectly yellow, perfectly shaped bananas here in America. Plus, they are very cheap.

I rarely pray for God to provide food for me. It is hard for me to realize it, but the truth is that God does provides every bite I take. His grace and mercy has provided me with all that I have. The blessing of having so much can become a stumbling block because I don't see my need. So many of our needs are taken care of before we even realize they are a need. It's actually quite amazing.

I know that most people in Malawi pray for food and thank God for it every day. Let's join them in praying for food, that God would provide their daily bananas free of disease.


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