Friday, August 28, 2009

Strange happenins

I don't feel like I did much today. Eli and I stayed at home for fear of being rained out at the park. We did take a short walk to the VandenBrinks. Even though we didn't do our usual play outside all day long routine, we still had fun.

I introduced Eli to play dough. He was so funny about it at first, almost angry. He got annoyed when it would stick to his fingers. Eventually, he realized it was just something to play around with. He started tearing it apart into tiny pieces which he also loves to do with paper and napkins.

Eli has officially entered into a new stage. He lays himself down at random times in random places. I really don't know why he does it. At first I thought it might be tiredness, but he does it an hour after waking up from naps. Either way, it is hilarious.

The cutest place he cuddled up was inside one of Dan's desk drawers. They were laying on the ground until Dan came home and Eli had a blast play in them.

On more funny thing-Eli got into the linen closet and found a hand towel. He then figured out he could hold it under his chin by pressing his chin against his chest. He spent a good 10 minutes parading around the house with the towel.

Sometimes I think Eli is a little weird. Don't get me wrong, I love weird people. I just think that Eli thinks up the strangest games to play and it cracks me up. I can't wait to know him better.


  1. Beth, I am so sad I didn't catch you while you were in Seattle this time! Eli is just precious and I think of you a lot and pray for you guys. Just love you and wanted to say if there is a next time, I would love love love to see you.

  2. LOVE IT!! I think Eli and Amos are two peas in a pod with their creativity! Just think of the things they'll invent together when they get older! Love you!

  3. These pictures are all hilarious. Way to capture some awesome moments. I love his look in the first picture and I love the one of him laying down in the drawer. I keep finding Áine cramming herself into tiny baskets and boxes. Crazy kids! But seriously, what an amazing gift to spend our days watching these little ones grow and learn! Glad to se things seem to be going well.

  4. we are missing ya'll a lot, too!!! we may have to plan a trip soon. by the way, everything in your house is looking really cute. i love the dresser set, and the gray couch is amazing!

    and, no, there will never be another drawer that can top josh!

  5. He's not strange, he's creative! Its a very good thing, believe me. I'm very thankful that my boys can amuse themselves for long stretches using simple things and their imaginations.