Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby got a brand new crib

Well, new to us. The VandenBrinks sold their old one to us for a great price. We are so thankful that Eli is sleeping on a real mattress, finally!

Welcome to my room!

Come have a look!

Wall decorations from aunt Jesky

Helping papa put the new crib together

As soon as it was put together, Eli was begging us to put him in it. He immediately laid down and got comfy. He was so excited! He practically put himself to bed that night.

I LOVE the orange crib sheets. You can find them here. They have every color you always wished Circo would have. Aunt Jesky introduced this company to me. They are pricey but if you have a very specific vision, it's worth it. Plus, I love that you can just buy the piece you want and then make your own bumper or quilt. It ends up being MUCH cheaper than buying an entire set and it's more personalized.

So what did we do with his travel crib that Eli has gotten so attached to over the past 3 months? Eli uses it as his reading station. He loves snuggling up to his big doggy with a cup of milk and a good book.

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