Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Since moving to Tower Grove, Eli and I have spent almost every afternoon at the neighborhood fountain park. We do love our neighborhood so much, especially because there is something fun for us to walk to.

Today, we decided to check out something new. Dan came with us and we enjoyed possibly our last day together before everything changes tomorrow. His first class is at 8am. I know that is probably dramatic, but I have this huge fear that I won't see my husband except for holidays and Sundays.

Anyways, we loved exploring Citygarden. It is a garden, sculpture park and water park all in one and is downtown St. Louis. It would be like combining the Seattle sculpture park and the big fountain at the Space Needle, except way better. Kids can actually play on all of the sculptures!

There was a huge sculpture of a head. I have no idea what it means, but it was cool. We crawled inside it and played peek-a-boo through the eyes.

Big white bunny

This is a built in metal piano type thing. When you jump on a square, it rings a bell.

After a snack in the shade, Eli stripped down to his diaper and spent the next 30 minutes marching around in the fountains.

Eli got it in the face a few times while trying to stick his finger in the hole. When he least expected it, the water would come spraying out at him. It was really funny to watch, because he never learned his lesson and kept going back for more.

There was a little marble pool, too but Eli wasn't big enough to go in. He was content to stand near it though and wave at the big kids.

I don't know what I will do when it's winter here. So far, we have enjoyed all the outdoor free stuff to do but it will be hard to find free stuff to do when it's 15 degrees outside!

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  1. Bethany - you can take courses at Covenant, too! Take everything Jerram Barrs and Dan Zink offer and you'll love it! Lots of other wonderful professors, too. Even one class per semester - you can DO it! Then come back home and let's keep planting churches!
    Karen G.