Thursday, October 10, 2013

Preach It!

Dan is officially a minister in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA)!!!!

 Y'all, if you know anything about the PCA, you know that this is no small thing! Not only did he complete four years of seminary, he's completed internships, served in missions, done youth ministry, he's written exams, met with committees (where he was drilled), then stood in front of pastors from Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho where he was drilled, yet again. It's been a long road but one filled with so many challenges and lessons which have prepared him for this job. 

I have the highest respect for our denomination and the care they give to their congregations. Becoming a pastor in the PCA is tough. I know without a doubt that these men have been through the ringer, but they do it because they have been called by God to care for His people.

{vowing to submit to those above him and to care and serve those below him}

{being prayed for by amazing examples of leadership in the church}

{announced as a minister!}

{his first benediction!}

I am so proud of my husband, not because he accomplished all of these things and was successful in this work, but because he has always humbly followed the Lord, no matter the cost. I am honored to be led by him both in our home and in church!


  1. Congratulations to all of you! Now for that baby! :) I'm looking forward to seeing more of you guys when we up there this year!