Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Fighting

A year ago, I swear I couldn't take a sip of water without getting interrupted with screams, crying and bite marks all over my boys. They were enemies!! I don't know where the credit lies (I'd like to think it was me, but I know better than to pat myself on the back for parenting...) but suddenly, these two are besties! They start most days playing in their room, making plans and goofing off. Not only am I thankful the fights have lessened, but it's just in the nick of time! I need them to happily entertain each other while I tend to a tiny new human.

Lest you think our home is always peaceful and happy, I've got a hilarious "fight" to share with you.

The other day, I heard the boys growling, then yelling, then crying. Yup, a fight broke out and there was probably biting, hitting, wrestling, etc involved. I stood at the bottom of the stairs and yelled for them to come see me. They both sat at the top of the stairs, looking down with teary eyes.

Me : "So, sounds like something really frustrating happened. I want you to each confess to me what you did wrong."

Lazarus : "I not bite him, but I just break his car."

Elijah : "And that just made me so so angry! And I had no self control because my body was so angry and so my body pinched him really hard on his arm."
{Sure, blame it on your body...}

Lazarus : "Yeah, like this." and then he pinched himself really hard on his own arm, ha!

Me : "Wow, that sounds really sad. Sounds like y'all weren't very kind to each other."

Elijah : "Yeah, I repaid evil for evil."

They suddenly looked at each other and started apologizing, without any prompting from me! After they hugged, Elijah looked down at me and said happily 

"Mom! We just reconciliation-ed!!"

Yes, you did my boys. Yes, you did.


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