Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday!

I'm back y'all! With the help of Ross (dress for less!), I've got a few blouses to carry me through this last trimester. I really had no idea that Ross had a maternity section until I read about it on another blog. I've gotten a few things there for real cheap, mainly cotton t-shirt type tops, all under $6. Another maternity shopping tip - check out their dress section. There are so many empire waist styles that are perfect for that growing belly!

At this point, it's almost painful spending money on maternity clothes because I'm nearing the end and then what? But most of the tops I buy can be worn in the postpartum months. And the pants, you'd better believe I'll be sporting those after baby comes!

{You're welcome in advance for the amazing picture quality}

The blouse is from Ross and was $11.99. The slacks are H&M (only $7 in the clearance section!).

I also got my hair trimmed the other day, which always make me feel better.

This is my new date night/dinner with friends/Sunday morning go-to outfit. Woohoo! Thank you Ross!!!

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  1. I seriously am so obsessed with your blog, girl! You always post some of the greatest stuff! I'm posting on Fashion Week right now since it's going on in my city (STL also!!), so feel free to follow me back to keep posted with that now too! Otherwise, keep blogging great stuff!