Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jealous of those zzzzzzz's

Feeling a little bit jealous of Lazzy's ability to sleep anywhere, anytime.

dining room floor

blow up mattress in the living room

mommy and daddy's bed  /  St. Louis downtown water park

friend's bathroom floor / riding in the car

the back yard

the basement (during a tornado warning, sirens and hail and all)

Lazarus, teach me your ways oh sleepy one!

The third trimester is notorious for being a tired one. I always thought it was because you get bigger and your body hurts and it just takes so much energy to develop that little baby inside. But now, I'm convinced it's because sleeping at night is near impossible. 32 pee breaks in 8 hours means a lot of interrupted dreams! For some strange reason, when I roll to my right side, baby girl perks up and kicks to high heaven until I roll back to my left side. Why the heck is that?

I've always slept better with a newborn than during the third trimester and although I do NOT want her coming early, I'm hoping the days just fly by.


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