Monday, April 22, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Super Heroes

According to Elijah, there are 4 steps to becoming a super hero. They are more like rules for super heroes. I think they're pretty awesome.


Step # 1 : Super Heroes never fight good guys.

Step # 2 : Never say "you are going to be in jail" to the good guys.

Step # 3 : Never put heat vision on Batman or Wonder Woman.

Step # 4 : There's only 3 steps.


"I am ice man! I shoot out ice."
"But, I'm silver. It's not what you would imagine, okay?"


"I'm Superman. My best bud is the Hulk. He's so cool. We're just friends and he looks out for me. He's bigger and stronger than me but that's okay. I'm not jealous 'cause I can fly, ha!"

{that face says it all!}


Other random super hero phrases thrown around the house:

"Hulk Smash!"

"Take THAT bad forgot your name, bad guy."

"To In-fin bee-YA!"
(5 points if you can translate that!)


Lazzy walks into my room completely naked with only a laundry basket on his head and says:

"I-I R-robot Man!"